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Folded Leaflet - Tab Fold

Tab fold leaflets in full colour

Tab fold flyer printing on 130gsm glossy paper is perfect for reproducing full colour photos. If your looking to do a mass marketing campaign then 130gsm paper is the cheapest option for your tab fold leaflet.

The 350gsm tab fold flyers are printed on thick glossy card and are long lasting and impressive. These thicker cross folded leaflets radiate high quality to your target market.

May also be called the following: A5 folded leaflet, A4 folded leaflet, A3 folded leaflet

Folded Leaflet - Tab Fold
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Folded Leaflet Design 4 Sides
Our Price:  £80.00

A4 130gsm

250 500 1000 5000 10000 20000 50000
£80 £87 £102 £218 £293 £543 £976

A4 150gsm

250 500 1000 5000 10000 20000 50000
£86 £93 £108 £231 £360 £570 £1099

A4 170gsm

250 500 1000 5000 10000 20000 50000
£86 £93 £108 £231 £360 £646 £1444

A4 350gsm

250 500 1000 5000 10000 20000
£110 £128 £165 £404 £645 £1309

A3 130gsm

250 500 1000 5000 10000 20000 50000
£140 £147 £162 £354 £600 £852 £1787

A3 150gsm

250 500 1000 5000 10000 20000 50000
£147 £162 £330 £495 £623 £907 £1925

A3 170gsm

250 500 1000 5000 10000 20000 50000
£147 £162 £177 £423 £684 £1300 £2385

A3 350gsm

250 500 1000 5000 10000 20000
£203 £222 £275 £672 £1184 £2195

Tab fold Leaflet

Tab folded leaflets may Create a Prosperous Business

Goddard has been taking care of his Bathroom Design company for four years and appreciates the market. Every morning he scours the web and trade catalogs for the latest products.

“The greatest way I have come across to keep the public up to date with various new products is through tri fold leaflets. The group decision on this instance was that we ought to draw on folded leaflets to publicise the different products. The products are to a certain extent complicated to handle and need loads of explaining. As a result we came to the resolution that tri fold leaflets would be more appropriate than a radio advertisement, because you can put loads information in relation to the product on folded flyers.”

He called up an online folded flyer printers and pointed out what he could do with, and told them his budget for the 3 fold leaflets. He received a pretty large advertising budget on this occasion, this would allow them to canvass a vast region of Manchester. Based on the information they needed on the printing, folded flyer printing seemed to be the most superior choice. Folded leaflet material is the general size for flyers, it is also the standard dimension for flyer operations.

“We have a local competitor who is offering a similar kind of service on his folded flyers printing. We wanted to make sure that our folded leaflet printing was of a better quality. I truly believe that when your handed folded flyer printing from a business, based on the flyer paper you can figure out what they spend on their marketing, or what quality of service they offer, just by observing the thickness of their 3 fold leaflets.”

Subsequent to investigating a lot of folded leaflet printing examples they went for 170gsm gloss. This was a good option because 170gsm is a good quality flyer material to pick, seeing as nearly every one of the tri fold leaflets are printed on 130gsm matt. Once they finally obtained the last proof by email, they approved it and asked the folded leaflet printers to go to print with the Folded flyer design they had created. The 3 fold leaflets were delivered directly to the shop, within 2 months every single one of the 70,000 folded leaflets were handed out door-to-door.

Some of the cheap folded leaflets are terrific and maybe able to salvage you lots of money, but, if you want to quantify your response from the folded leaflet printing, it is essential to place either an indication, or another thing which will allow you to track if a consumer has called since they have come across your 3 fold leaflet. He eventually chose to put a special offer of half price, this was very visibly marked on his tri fold leaflets. To get the discount, you needed to produce one of the tri fold leaflets on purchase. Utilising a special offer in this way on the folded flyer makes prospects to hang on to the leaflet, for the day they may need it.

“Posting out the folded leaflets required a month or two. We felt the effect right away. We received a lot more orders, and at the worst point of the year as well. The folded leaflet made a few clients switch from our major competitor! The 3 fold leaflets displayed a price thrash guarantee. It’s now three fortnights since the final z fold leaflet went out, and we are even now having the occasional telephone call from them.”

The folded leaflet printing operation was successful, and they are at present scheduling their next folded flyers campaign in the East. This time they are preparing to canvass the area with eighty thousand folded leaflets.

“We are arranging to do extra folded flyers in a different town later on this week. The plan is to carry on doing 3 fold leaflets and leafleting in the same vicinity so that we create some trademark. The Folded flyer design will be altered on the next batch. We are planning to promote more products. With any luck, in the long run we will manage a door to door campaign with folded leaflets every calendar month.”


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