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Compliment Slip Printing

Dimensions: 99 x 210mm (portrait or landscape)
Cheap compliment slips in full colour

If your looking for cheap compliment slips without compromising print quality, then our 90gsm range is best for you.

If you need a compliment slip printer that can print the highest and most impressive quality compliment slips for your business, than our 120gsm stock paper is a cut above the rest.

Compliment Slip Printing
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Compliment Slip Design (1 side)
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A4 Leaflet

A4 Printing is used to promote new Virtual Gardening Tool

Peter Kennedy is managing director of a successful gardening company. To promote their new tool that has cost £1000’s to develop, they have been looking for the best way to promote it. One of these ways includes printing an A4 leaflet. In an interview with Peter, he explains how A4 leaflet printing can contribute to a good marketing strategy.

We decided to get some A4 colour leaflets

“We have spent a lot of money developing the tool, now we need to promote it effectively. We had a look at the leaflet printing companies out there and decided to get some A4 colour leaflets.”

Peter purchased 1000 A4 flyers that were 400gsm gloss, very high quality promotional flyers. A4 digital printing is used to keep the prices down for smaller quantities. These flyers would be used to give to new clients who could possibly be interested in the tool. Another 50,000 A4 full colour leaflets were designed and printed on a cheaper 130gsm gloss paper. This A4 colour print is still photo quality but on thinner paper. Litho printing is used for the higher quantities.

We opted for an A4 flyer that was printed on 130gsm glossy paper

“50,000 A4 double sided leaflets were printed for the mail shot. These had to be reasonable light to keep postage costs down, but still good quality. So we opted for an A4 flyer that was printed on 130gsm glossy paper. The mail shot would be used to generate new customers in our target market.”

The design of the A4 leaflets was important. The goal of the A4 colour prints was to draw people to the website where they could try out the tool for free.

All 50,000 A4 full colour leaflets were sent out

“If we can get enough people to use the tool online by drawing their attention to it using the A4 colour flyers then we should convert some of the responses into sales.”

All 50,000 A4 full colour leaflets were sent out. Using Google analytics, they could see the boost in visits to the website. The A4 full colour printing had worked and prospects were beginning to download the tool.

“The A4 leaflet design promoted the fact that the tool was free to use and our website. After the A4 leaflet went out, we started to have a response within the first week. We followed up all the prospects and converted about 17% of the responses into new customers. We also asked people what they thought of the A4 printing so we could improve on the A4 flyer design next time.”

Very happy with the effect that the A4 print has had on sales

The A4 leaflet printing was still having a good effect up to 2 weeks after they were mailed. After that the response rate started to drop. They were still getting the odd response until up to 6 months after the A4 flyer was distributed.

“I’m very happy with the effect that the A4 print has had on sales. The new tool is now one of our unique selling points. We will continue to get promotional leaflets printed. But next time we might do a slightly different size to the previous A4 flyer printing, just to mix things up a bit and keep the message fresh.”

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