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A5 Leaflets

Dimensions: 148 x 210mm (portrait or landscape)
A5 printing in Full Colour

These A5 Leaflets can be printed on high quality glossy paper or silk paper which is similar to a matt finish. They are ideal for reproducing full colour photos and vivd images with colours. A5 flyers printed on 115gsm or 130gsm paper are the affordable option for mass marketing and higher quantities. Alternatively the higher gsm paper like our A5 print on high quality 350gsm or 400gsm radiate high quality. If your looking to impress people, 350-400gsm is the thickness of A5 flyer printing that will best fit your needs.

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A5 Leaflets
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A5 Leaflets

A5 Leaflets Help Promote A New Service For PC Wizard Repair

To promote a new service, some A5 flyers were used as the main marketing tool.

“When it comes to a new product or service, the marketing behind that product will be the failure or success of it – not the product or service itself,” explains Jonathan. “We have released several new products and services over the last 7 years. We decided to print an A5 flyer for this particular service because we needed to explain a lot of detail to a lot of people. An A5 leaflet can fit a lot of information on, and they’re relatively cheap to print.”

The A5 Flyer Printing Was Everyone Who Owned A Computer

Their new service is a home PC maintenance contract. His target market for the A5 flyer printing was everyone who owned a computer. This was going to require a huge quantity of leaflets to be printed so they required some very cheap A5 leaflet printing.

200,000 A5 Full Colour Leaflets

“We decided to get our A5 printing done on 170gsm gloss paper. Its inexpensive and its better quality than what our competitors use! In order to get a big impact we asked our A5 printers to print 200,000 A5 full colour leaflets”

Using a simple marketing technique called ‘pain / pleasure’, the A5 flyer design expressed the dangers of not getting a monthly maintenance contract.

“The A5 flyer printers delivered all the leaflets on time for our leaflet distribution campaign. The quality of the A5 flyers printing was excellent, and they felt really nice. The A5 flyer designs were perfect for the message we needed to get across. We used a special offer with a time window to put pressure on customers to sign up before June.”

5000 A5 flyers went out a day over a 6-week period. Within that 6-week period, they signed up 126 contracts worth £129 each.

Cross Sell Other Products Using A5 Print

“This was a significant profit for a marketing campaign using leaflet printing. We yielded 22% profits after including all the costs. The great news is that a lot of those new customers will advertise us for free by word of mouth. They also have to renew their contracts next year. I’m looking to cross sell other products to them using A5 print over the next 6 months”

A5 Colour Leaflets In A New Geographical Area In 2 Months

Jonathan plans to repeat the campaign using slightly different A5 colour leaflets in a new geographical area in 2 months. Once they have completed all their major areas they are going to go back to the original area and canvass again using A5 print. This will help to create some brand awareness, and keep customers up to date with any new special offers.

Some of the A5 leaflet printing was kept behind so that they could give them out to new customers who came in the store.

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