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A6 Leaflets

Dimensions: 105 x 148mm (portrait or landscape)
A6 printing in Full Colour

These A6 Leaflets can be printed on high quality glossy paper or silk paper which is similar to a matt finish. They are ideal for reproducing full colour photos and vivd images with colours. A6 flyers printed on 115gsm or 130gsm paper are the affordable option for mass marketing and higher quantities. Alternatively the higher gsm paper like our A6 print on high quality 350gsm or 400gsm radiate high quality. If your looking to impress people, 350-400gsm is the thickness of A6 flyer printing that will best fit your needs.

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A6 Leaflets
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A6 leaflets

A6 Flyers promote new store for Jason Moore’s Recruitment

Georgina Harding is the PR Manager for the new recruitment office that they are building. They used an A6 flyer to promote the business by means of a mail shot, and by handing them out to the local businesses. They had 5000 A6 flyers printed on high quality 400gsm gloss paper.

A6 leaflets allows you to deliver your message straight into your customers hands

“Most of our marketing is done via online and through cold calling, however on this occasion it was important to make the local market aware of our new office using A6 leaflet printing. Using a media such as A6 leaflets allows you to deliver your message straight into your customers hands” Georgina explains.

There new office opens in July, which gives them 4 weeks to use a promotional flyer to make the local market aware. An experienced graphic designer designed the A6 flyer using high quality stock photos.

cheap A6 flyers printed that feel as thin as newspaper

“In recruitment, its important to build a good brand image. That’s why we made sure we were getting good A6 flyer print by getting the 400gsm gloss. We have a ‘competitor’ who gets cheap A6 flyers printed that feel as thin as newspaper. If they can’t afford to print a good quality full colour leaflet, what does that say about their business? Cheap A6 flyer printing is great, but make sure its good quality first by asking for some samples from your A6 flyer printers. ”

The A6 leaflets displayed all the important information about the company including: - contact details, address and date of opening. In order to give the A6 leaflet some value so that people held on to it, they advertised that they are giving away one free online advert for every one of the A6 flyers returned.

Free advertising on the A6 colour flyers

“The idea of the free advertising on the A6 colour flyers was to attract peoples attention. People are always looking for something ‘FREE’. We had this incorporated in the A6 flyer design so that it stood out as one of the main features. Some people over complicate their leaflets by putting to much information on it and trying to make it all stand out. We stuck to one simple message.”

56 of the A6 leaflets were returned

After the A6 printing had been completed, 4500 of them were sent out via mail shot to the HR Managers of local companies. The other 500 A6 flyers were given out by hand to some of the other local businesses that had offices nearby.

“Once the A6 flyer had gone out, we had to wait for the opening week to see the response. In total 56 of the A6 leaflets were returned to us before the expiry date that was 3 months after the opening day. For me, this showed that investing in a good A6 leaflet with a good design, instead of going for the cheapest A6 flyers, can bring in the results. We haven’t got any plans in the near future to have anymore business leaflets printed, but we do have a new service coming out next year, and I intend to have 10,000 A6 flyers printed for each office to advertise it.”


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