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DL Leaflets

Dimensions: 100 x 210mm (portrait or landscape)
DL flyers in Full Colour

DL printing on high quality 130gsm glossy paper is ideal for reproducing full colour photographs and illustrations. 130gsm paper is the cheap leaflet printing solution for DL leaflets. If your looking for expensive looking DL leaflets printing, these full colour leaflets are printed on thick 350gsm paper. 350gsm DL leaflets radiate high quality to your target market.

May also be called 1/3 A4 or A6 long.

DL Leaflets
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DL Leaflets

DL Flyers used to promote a new service at Zoom-By Taxis

Trevor Diaz is no stranger to marketing. He has been running a taxi firm since his late teens. He has used a variety of different promotional flyers in the past. This time he has decided to go for DL printing to advertise his new pick-up service.

DL leaflet printing is a little larger than the normal leaflet we have printed

“Basically, the new service we offer is to drive you home in your own vehicle for just a few more quid than a normal taxi,” Trevor tells me. “This time we have decided to get DL leaflet printing because it’s a little larger than the normal leaflet we have printed. It’s a new service and no ones done anything like it here before, so the business leaflet needs to be a little bit bigger to display all the extra information.”

DL full colour flyers needed to explain the service accurately and concisely

The DL full colour flyers needed to explain the service accurately and concisely, including a few terms and conditions, so Trevor wrote the content himself and sent it to the designers along with a brief explaining a few particulars he had about the design of the DL leaflets.

“Before the DL printing takes place, its important to get all the content and design correct for the promotional leaflets. Theres no point spending a fortune on DL leaflet printing only to find out that you have missed a silly clause which means everyone can take you to the cleaners!”

The DL flyer printing commenced

Once everything had been confirmed the DL flyer printing commenced. The full colour flyers were printed on 300gsm gloss, which is very high quality printing. The flyers are as thick as card and will last much longer than cheap leaflet printing.

“I was very happy with the quality of the DL flyers. They felt great to the touch and felt expensive even though they didn’t cost a fortune from the flyer printers.”

Now the DL printing had been done, Trevor began to distribute the colour leaflets. This was achieved through giving them out to customers when they left the taxi.

DL leaflet printing definitely paid off for us

“I gave 500 DL flyers to each of the drivers to hand out. We also put them on peoples cars at pubs and the arena. It took me longer then I thought to get rid of them all, but it did feel very productive. After about a week or two the fruits of our labour started to show. The DL leaflet printing definitely paid off for us, I think I would give it another go in the future.”

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