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Ecommerce Website

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Ecommerce Website
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Ecommerce WebsiteEcommerce WebsiteEcommerce WebsiteEcommerce Website
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Our Price:  £595.00

What we provide What you choose

Website Design
We will setup and design your website so that it is fully functional and ready to start taking your first orders!

Your website comes with 1 gigabyte of web space, which is a lot of space. You could add about 1000 high res pictures! We also provide you with hosting and a domain name for 1 year. To renew your hosting and domain name each year will be £50 + vat.

We will setup an email address for you e.g., so that you can send email to and from your domain name. You can login and send email from anywhere in the world. We will also give you the ability to setup a further 7 email addresses if you wish.

Payment Gateway
We will setup a payment gateway for you via Paypal. This will allow you to take payments on your website using Paypal. You can use Paypal to send payments directly to your choice of bank accounts.

We will give you a guide that shows you how to edit content and add new products to your website very easily. You don't need any previous experience of website deisign! Thi will save you a fortune in the long run, as you wont need to pay expensive web design costs evertime you need a little change making. Whats better is that you can login to your website and make these changes anywhere in the world!

Full Features:

  • 1 x free .com or domain name
  • 8 x Web pages
  • Website fully designed
  • Contact form
  • Blog
  • Add unlimited products
  • Multiple product types
  • Product attributes
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Shipping options
  • Manage tax
  • Manage affiliates
  • User registration
  • Bulk product upload
  • Order management
  • Email notifications
  • Coupon code
  1. Choose a .com or domain name that is not already taken.

  2. Decide on up to 5 pictures to put in your slider on the homepage. You can choose from our extensive picture library here, or just tell us what you would like and we will find something.

  3. Write the content for up to 8 pages.

  4. Provide the details of all your products in a spreadsheet, and the images - we will show you how to lay it out.

  5. A logo for your company, if you do not have one, we will design a basic logo for you.

  6. Once you provide the data above, your website will be ready to start taking orders in 1-2 weeks!

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